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Searching for the parentage of Elijah Pettett (Pettit) of Spartanburg, South Carolina, whom some say is the son of Benjamin Pettit of Spartanburg; further research is necessary however, as no documentation has surfaced confirming this fact. Some say that Benjamin was married twice and that Elijah is the result of that first marriage to "Lucinda."

Shown left is headstone of Elias Pettit.

Elias Pettett and four of his sons served in the 52nd Regiment of the Georgia Infantry CSA. David Allen Landsdown, Jr. and his brother, A.J. Landsdown served in the Tate Guards, Pickens Co., GA, CSA, Army of Tennessee.

Some of Perry's brothers spelled the name Pettit(t) while Perry and his descendants spelled it Pettett! Perry married Billie Louisa Landsdown, daughter of David Allen Landsdown.

At some point in the early 1900s, L.J. Pettett, together with his parents,  moved to Copperhill, Tennessee.

Please refer to George Pettett's book, "PETTETT/PETTIT, THIS FAMILY BUSINESS."His book is available at Amazon, etc.